More Impressive Than Winning at Go: WolframAlpha and ChatGPT

March 27, 2023

For a rocket scientist, Stephen Wolfram and his team are reasonably practical. I want to call your attention to this article on Dr. Wolfram’s Web site: “ChatGPT Gets Its Wolfram Superpowers.” In the essay, Dr. Wolfram explains how the computational system behind WolframAlpha can be augmented with ChatGPT. The examples in his write up are interesting and instructive. What can the WolframAlpha ChatGPT plug in do? Quite a bit.

I found this passage interesting:

ChatGPT + Wolfram can be thought of as the first truly large-scale statistical + symbolic “AI” system…. in ChatGPT + Wolfram we’re now able to leverage the whole stack: from the pure “statistical neural net” of ChatGPT, through the “computationally anchored” natural language understanding of Wolfram|Alpha, to the whole computational language and computational knowledge of Wolfram Language.

The WolframAlpha module works with these information needs:


The Wolfram Language modules does some numerical cartwheels, and I was impressed. I am not sure how high school calculus teachers will respond to the WolframAlpha – ChatGPT mash up, however. Here’s a snapshot of what Wolfram Language can do at this time:


One helpful aspect of Dr. Wolfram’s essay is that he notes differences between an earlier version of ChatGPT and the one used for the mash up. Navigate to this link and sign up for the plug in.

Stephen E Arnold, March 27, 2023


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