TikTok: An App for Mind Control?

March 29, 2023

I read “TikTok Is Part of China’s Cognitive Warfare Campaign.” The write up is an opinion. Before I suggest that the write is missing the big picture, let me highlight what I think sums up the argument:

While a TikTok ban may take out the first and fattest mole, it fails to contend with the wider shift to cognitive warfare as the sixth domain of military operations under way, which includes China’s influence campaigns on TikTok, a mass collection of personal and biometric data from American citizens and their race to develop weapons that could one day directly assault or disable human minds.

The problem for me is that I think the “mind control” angle is just one weapon in a specific application environment. The Middle Kingdom is working like Type A citizen farmers in these strike zones:

  1. Financial. The objective is to get on the renminbi bus and off the donkey cart dollar.
  2. Physical. The efficacy of certain pathogens is familiar to anyone who had an opportunity to wear a mask and stay home for a year or two.
  3. Political. The “deal” between two outstanding nation states in the Middle East is a signal I noted.
  4. Technological. The Huawei superwatch, the steady progress in microprocessor engineering, and those phone-home electric vehicles are significant developments.
  5. Social. Western democracies may not be embracing China-style methods, but some countries like India are definitely feeling the vibe for total control of the Internet.

The Guardian — may the digital overlords smile on the “real” news organization’s JavaScript which reminds how many Guardian articles I read since the “bug” was placed on my computer — gets part of the story correct. Hopefully the editors will cover the other aspects of the Chinese initiative.

TikTok, not the main event. Plus, it does connect to WiFi, Congressperson.

Stephen E Arnold, March 29, 2023


One Response to “TikTok: An App for Mind Control?”

  1. Harry Collier on April 3rd, 2023 3:50 pm

    Anyone who believes you can venture on the Web and speak your mind without being overheard is not the brightest lightbulb in the pack. Otherwise, what are the CIA, NSA, BND, MI6, GHHQ, DST, Mossad, and a myriad of others doing all day? Planning development aid? TikTok is targeted by the Americans because it is “Chinese”. Americans, with multi-trillion dollar “defence” expenditure, need enemies: The Ruskies. The Chinese. The Iranians. The Cubans. The Welsh …. and so on. Bah, humbug !

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