An AI to Help Law Firms Craft More Effective Invoices

September 14, 2023

Think money. That answers many AI questions.

Why are big law firms embracing AI? For better understanding of the law? Nay. To help clients? No. For better writing? Nope. What then? Why more fruitful billing, if course. We learn from Above The Law, “Law Firms Struggling with Arcane Billing Guidelines Can Look to AI for Relief.” According to writer and litigator Joe Patrice, law clients rely on labyrinthine billing compliance guidelines to delay paying their invoices. Now AI products like Verify are coming to rescue beleaguered lawyers from penny pinching clients. Patrice writes:

“Artificial intelligence may not be prepared to solve every legal industry problem, but it might be the perfect fit for this one. ZERO CEO Alex Babin is always talking about developing automation to recover the money lawyers lose doing non-billable tasks, so it’s unsurprising that the company has turned its attention to the industry’s billing fiasco. And when it comes to billing guideline compliance, ZERO estimates that firms can recover millions by introducing AI to the process. Because just ‘following the guidelines’ isn’t always enough. Some guidelines are explicit. Others leave a world of interpretation. Still others are explicit, but no one on the client side actually cares enough to force outside counsel to waste time correcting the issue. Where ZERO’s product comes in is in understanding the guidelines and the history of rejections and appeals surrounding the bills to figure out what the bill needs to look like to get the lawyers paid with the least hassle.”

Verify can even save attorneys from their own noncompliant wording, rewriting their narratives to comply with guidelines. And it can do while mimicking each lawyer’s writing style. Very handy.

Cynthia Murrell, September 14, 2023


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