The Future for Flops with Humans: Flop with Fakes

May 15, 2024

dinosaur30a_thumbThis essay is the work of a dinobaby. Unlike some folks, no smart software improved my native ineptness.

As a dinobaby, I find the shift from humans to fake humans fascinating. Jeff Epstein’s favorite university published “Deepfakes of Your Dead Loved Ones Are a Booming Chinese Business.” My first thought is that MIT’s leadership will commission a digital Jeffrey. Imagine. He could introduce MIT fund raisers to his “friends.” He could offer testimonials about the university. He could invite — virtually, of course — certain select individuals to a virtual “island.”


The bar located near the technical university is a hot bed of virtual dating, flirting, and drinking. One savvy service person is disgusted by the antics of the virtual customers. The bartender is wide-eyed in amazement. He is a math major with an engineering minor. He sees what’s going on. Thanks, MSFT Copilot. Working hard on security, I bet.

Failing that, MIT might turn its attention to Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of Bumble. Although a graduate of the vastly, academically inferior Southern Methodist University in the non-Massachusetts locale of Texas (!), she has a more here-and-now vision. The idea is probably going to get traction among some of the MIT-type brainiacs. A machine-generated “self” — suitably enhanced to remove pocket protectors, plaid jammy bottoms, and observatory grade bifocals — will date a suitable companion’s digital self. Imagine the possibilities.

The write up “AI Personas Are the Future of Dating, Bumble Founder Says. Many Aren’t Buying.” The write up reports:

Herd proposed a scenario in which singles could use AI dating concierges as stand-ins for themselves when reaching out to prospective partners online. “There is a world where your dating concierge could go and date for you with other dating concierge … and then you don’t have to talk to 600 people,” she said during the summit.

Wow. More time to put a pony on the roof of an MIT building.

The write up did inject a potential downside. A downside? Who is NBC News kidding?

There’s some healthy skepticism over whether AI is the answer. A clip of Herd at the Bloomberg Summit gained over 10 million views on X, where people expressed uneasiness with the idea of an AI-based dating scene. Some compared it to episodes of "Black Mirror," a Netflix series that explores dystopian uses of technology. Others felt like the use of AI in dating would exacerbate the isolation and loneliness that people have been feeling in recent years.

Are those working in the techno-feudal empires or studying in the prep schools known to churn out the best, the brightest, the most 10X-ceptional knowledge workers weak in social skills? Come on. Having a big brain (particularly for mathy type of logic) is “obviously” the equipment needed to deal with lesser folk. Isolated? No. Think about gamers. Such camaraderie. Think about people like the head of Bumble. Lectures, Discord sessions, and access to data about those interested in loving and living virtually. Loneliness? Sorry. Not an operative word. Halt.

“AI Personas Are the Future…” reports:

"We will not be a dating app in a few years," she [the Bumble spokesperson] said. "Dating will be a component, but we will be a true human connection platform. This is where you will meet anyone you want to meet — a hiking buddy, a mahjong buddy, whatever you’re looking for."

What happens when a virtually Jeff Epstein goes to the bar and spots a first-year who looks quite youthful. Virtual fireworks?

Stephen E Arnold, May 15, 2024


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