I, Stephen E. Arnold, am a specialist in online search and related disciplines. In June 2011, Pandia in Oslo, Norway, published “The New Landscape of Enterprise Search“, which discusses the strengths and weaknesses of six enterprise search frameworks. I am the author of the first three editions of the “Enterprise Search Report, (2004-2006)” “The Google Legacy (2005),” “Google Version 2.0 (2007), and “Google: The Digital Gutenberg” (2009).” My  2009 monograph with Martin White, a search and information advisor in the UK is “Managing Successful Enterprise Search”. This was published by Galatea in the United Kingdom. My ArnoldIT.com research team has developed in-depth briefings on Google’s new data spaces technology. A version of this remarkable initiative has been published by Sue Feldman and Stephen Arnold. That document is available from IDC here. The report is number 213562. Mr. Arnold conducts confidential competitive analyses. I can be reached at seaky2000 at yahoo dot com.

I write for fee columns for Enterprise Technology Management, Information Today, Online Magazine, and KMWorld plus a few occasional items. My content reaches somewhere between one and three people each month.

I started to monetize this Web log in mid 2008. Our initial work was a new report series called, Beyond Search Reports. The Beyond Search team will prepare a short white paper about a search, content processing or online service. These reports are prepared for a client. The approach is objective and we include information that makes these documents suitable for the client’s marketing and sales efforts. Clients work closely with the Beyond Search professional to help ensure that the message is on target and clear. Rates are set to be within reach of organizations regardless of their size.

You can get coverage in this or one of our other information services, but we charge for our time. Stated another way: If you want a story about you, your company, or your product, you will be expected to write a check or pay via PayPal. We do not do news. We do this.

If you have a consulting project, a no cost, no obligation price quotation will be provided. More information is available at Mr. Arnold’s principal Web site, http://www.arnoldit.com. Or, you can send him email: seaky2000 at yahoo dot com. The office number is +1 502 228 1966, in the US Eastern time zone. Public relations and sales professionals are not encouraged to contact me.


The data and information provided on this site are for informational purposes only. I, Stephen E. Arnold, make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, objectivity, suitability, or validity of any information in a write up or on this site. Our content is pegged to source materials which are reachable via a public network. If you read something in Beyond Search, it is not news or “real” journalism.

My views and opinions change. Frequently. Expect to find variances when you compare certain essays with my other written work.

I started the Beyond Search Web log for myself, promote my studies, capture information that won’t be in my for-fee work, and have a time stamped record of what I was thinking, why, and when. I am human; therefore, I make errors. If you read something and accept it without verifying my information and interpretation, that’s your decision. Got a problem with my approach? Do not read this Web log.

The information is provided on an as-is basis and, at this time, without a fee. Just in case: If I say something dumb in the future, it’s better to be able to point out that the error is mine and a mistake should not be a surprise.

Reuse of Content

The articles and some images in this and other ArnoldIT blogs may be reused. We request a backlink to the original story or a link to www.arnoldit.com. We do pay the writers for content, so the information is work for hire. However, we want to encourage those interested in our approach to the topics we cover to disseminate our information. Please, not that some images may be copyrights and in some cases we have paid a fee for an image. Reuse of these images may trigger a fee from the ultimate copyright holder. If you have any questions about reuse, feel free to send them to seaky2000 at yahoo dot com. I am not a lawyer, but I will try to provide my viewpoint.

What the Publications I Do Are

Keep in mind this is a Web log, not a formal publication. In fact, none of my information services which are publicly available on the Web cost a reader anything to access. Keep in mind that there’s no editorial review board, no peer-review process, no comprehensive archive of my work, and no assurance that I am thinking coherently when I jot down my thoughts. i do not hire journalists. If an article or viewpoint annoys you, please, use the comments section to set the record straight. Demanding that we remove a story or issue a public apology often causes a particular topic to attract attention. The majority of our stories cite a document which was available via the open Web. If a link goes bad, we do not go back in time to update bad links or rewrite stories. If you want to get a particular message to our quite modest readership, let me know. We sell inclusions, banner ads, and other types of “slots”. In our experience, these work quite well at putting a specific message in front of the readers of my information services.

Most of those working on my projects are failed middle school teachers, technical wizards, and librarians. Oh, I have one legally blind person and a Googley type from a Klingon star ship, two boxers, and a lot of computers. As I approach 70, I am amused by the antics of those who perceive my approach to certain topics of sufficient heft to warrant emails, phone calls, and snail mail which suggest I will be drawn and quartered because I find received wisdom less than wise.

Stephen E. Arnold, January 2008

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