The New IntelStream Podcast Series

October 20, 2010 and Land SDS have teamed up for a new podcast series. IntelStream will discuss important news in business intelligence where professionals and technology intersect. The podcast, which is now available for download, features Dr. Tyra Oldham, an expert in operations and information management.


Dr. Tyra Oldham, featured expert on the Intel Stream podcast. Her Web site is at this link.


Stephen E Arnold, publisher of Beyond Search. His Web site is at this link.

Also appearing on the program is Stephen E Arnold, publisher of the Beyond Search Web log. The program is available from the podcast page at Dr. Oldham and Mr. Arnold agree on the importance of information, but the two colleagues disagree on specific issues related to policy and implementation. The purpose of the program is to address topics that are important to business professionals in commercial, not for profit, and governmental entities. The specific subjects discussed are those which are often overlooked by traditional media.

One of the basic premises of the IntelStream podcast is to explore different sides of an issue. One thing is certain when Dr. Oldham and Mr. Arnold engage in a discussion, no holds are barred. Each of these professionals articulates a viewpoint so you can get a sense of how complex issues can affect business and policy decisions when business intelligence systems and methods are in use.

Intel Stream is business intelligence without marketing lipstick.

Stuart Schram IV, October 20, 2010



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