Tibco: Creeping into Social Content Territories

June 27, 2011

MarketWire’s “TIBCO Announces Enterprise Social Computing Launch Event for tibbr 3.0” details the coming-out party for the third generation of TIBCO Software’s enterprise social computing platform.

With the upgrade, the infrastructure company continues to expand its presence beyond content processing and into the hot social computing segment. The article asserts:

“Tibbr builds on TIBCO’s decades of experience in linking enterprise software systems, and connects not just people, but also systems, processes, applications, and subjects and makes them part of the conversation.

While many companies are capable of imitating the Facebook model of social computing, they lack TIBCO’s strong enterprise roots, making the company’s solution one to watch. It’ll be very interesting to see this new version of tibbr.

When I visited TIBCO for the first time, I was interested to see a number of servers in the TIBCO facility in Palo Alto, California, sporting happy Yahoo logos. At that time, TIBCO was hosting some of Yahoo’s services. In the last five years, TIBCO has continued to grow. The company is much more than a provider of plumbing to financial institutions.

The push into social functions should serve as a flashing light to search and cotnent processing vendors who have an eye on the types of customers TIBCO serves. Search may be a utility. TIBCO operates the information grid in which a utility snaps.

Stephen E Arnold, June 27, 2011

You can read more about enterprise search and retrieval in The New Landscape of Enterprise Search, published my Pandia in Oslo, Norway, in June 2011.


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