EasyAsk Right Choice for InkJet Superstore

August 29, 2011

Have you ever tried to find ink or toner for a not-so-new printer? The process can be confusing, and shoppers are unlikely to feel warm and fuzzy about any ink seller whose Web site only adds to the frustration.

One purveyor of ink and toner made a wise choice when it picked EasyAsk’s eCommerce Edition. EasyAsk asserts, “NetSuite Customer InkJet Superstore Jets Past Competitors Using EasyAsk Natural Language E-Commerce Search Software for SaaS.” The press release states,

Using EasyAsk eCommerce edition, InkJet Superstore has dramatically simplified finding the right printer cartridges and accessories, providing the easiest online experience for customers, increasing online orders and revenue. The news release said: “InkjetSuperstore.com sells toner and ink cartridges for virtually every make and model of printer, copier, and fax machine, with over 6,000 items. InkJet Superstore’s vision is clearly articulated on the company website: ‘To be the best, the easiest, the cheapest and friendliest place to buy printer accessories.’ To back this up, InkJet Superstore offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which includes paying for return shipping cost.


Source: http://www.inkjetsuperstore.com, powered by EasyAsk NLP technology

EasyAsk is helping InkJet Superstore deliver on its promises. Since the business implemented the solution, the site has had 80% fewer “no results” returns; increased order conversion rates by six percent; and decreased its phone calls and live chat requests, indicating that customers are more easily finding what they need.

The solution didn’t stop there. With their its rapidly expanding, Inkjet Superstore is taking advantage of the EasyAsk’s auto-sync feature to assimilate new products into the Web site. Furthermore, rich analytics mine customer search terms for items that are in demand, suggesting potential new products.

InkJet Superstore has been operating since 2005 on the NetSuite platform. Though satisfied with the capabilities of NetSuite’s cloud enterprise suite, the company soon found its unique merchandise called for a more sophisticated e-commerce search solution. NetSuite and EasyAsk had partnered through the NetSuite Solution Developer Network; this association led InkJet Superstore to find its solution in EasyAsk’s integrated, best-in-class search solution.

The eCommerce Edition is but one product in EasyAsk’s arsenal. Its capacities for intelligent search, navigation, and merchandising are also present in the specialized eCommerce Cloud and eCommerce Mobile Editions.

Then there’s the Business Edition, a robust, easy-to-use enterprise search solution designed for the business user– without repeated calls to the IT division. The product supplies access to multiple forms of corporate data safely and securely, and is pre-integrated into leading on-premise and SaaS applications. Its collaborative tools help clients to share the results of data analysis.

Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, EasyAsk was formed in 1999 by Dr. Larry Harris, a computational linguistics professor who also happened to be an expert on database systems and computerized natural language. The company prides itself on spearheading changes in the natural language search field, increasing both speed and ease of use. Users can ask a question in plain English and expect highly tuned results. We urge you to take a test drive. In our view, EasyAsk’s natural language technology makes other eCommerce solutions seem out of step with user needs.

Stephen E Arnold, August 29, 2011

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