A New Angle on Personalization

November 21, 2011

Web site personalization is a broad category with a variety of facets.  Should you personalize?  How?  CMS Wire tackles this issue in “CXM Practices: Beneficial Personalization.”

Pete Iuvara weighs in:

I have seen this firsthand, the tremendous amount of benefits to personalizing content for your website’s audience. I am a firm believer in embracing a customer-centric implementation. It adds time-saving and relevant-first value for your website’s visitors . . . The key here is being transparent. Your visitors should know that personalization has been implemented in the hopes to benefit their experience first and foremost.

We have found that a user’s web site experience is greatly improved by the implementation of effective search.  No matter how attractive a web site, if the search function does not allow the user to quickly remedy a query, the web site is essentially worthless.  But personalization options, especially for search, can be costly and clunky.  One option that we like is Fabasoft Mindbreeze and their InSite solution.

An attractive website is a company’s digital business card; its shop window. Surprise your website visitors with an intuitive search.  Fabasoft Mindbreeze InSite is instantly ready for use as a Cloud service. It turns your website into a user-friendly knowledge portal for your customers.  Fabasoft Mindbreeze InSite recognizes correlations and links through semantic and dynamic search processes. This delivers pinpoint accurate and precise ‘finding experiences.’

It’s hard to imagine an organization’s web site being any more essential to their overall image.  It is often the first “stop” a potential customer makes when learning more about a company.  Personalize your web space in a smart way, and take advantage of smart solutions like Fabasoft Mindbreeze to improve the overall user experience for your patrons.

Emily Rae Aldridge, November 21, 2011

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