PLM Eases Cost of Change Complexity

January 6, 2012

No one likes change and for manufacturers it can be costly. So how do companies manage and budget for change processes? The article “PLM, ECO and Cost of Change” analyzes that question and how PLM systems support them.

For PLM implementation, it is important to know “how you are able to automate cost of change calculation and embed it in the overall change process.” Changes are classified into four categories which are cost reduction, product maturity, product development and other and the change cost calculation will be different for each category.

“If you estimating change that marked to save cost or time, you absolutely need to calculate the cost. However, if you making a change that related to product maturity, you probably can skip some cost of change calculation. Taking right assumption can significantly improve the speed of change processes, which is an essential part of every manufacturing organization.”

Change cost analysis is complicated. PLM systems certainly help, but companies like Inforbix simplify the process. Inforbix focuses on product data and they find and infer relationships between disparate sources of structured and unstructured product data. So do not be afraid of change. Sometimes change is good.

Jennifer Wensink, January 6, 2012


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