Exclusive Interview with the CTO of Cybertap

December 4, 2012

Cybertap is a company which pushes beyond key word search. The firm’s technology permits a different type of information retrieval.

In an exclusive interview with ArnoldIT, Cybertap revealed that hidden within the network traffic are malicious attacks, personal and medical information leaks, and insider theft of intellectual property and financial information. Cybertap’s clients use Recon to keep tabs on the good and the bad being done on their networks and who’s doing it, so that they can take the proper actions to mitigate any damage and bring the individuals to account.

Dr. Russ Couturier, Chief Technology Officer of Cybertap, recently granted an exclusive interview to the Arnold Information Technology Search Wizards Speak series to discuss Cybertap Recon, a product that applies big data analytics to captured network traffic to give organizations unparalleled visibility into what is transpiring both on and to their networks.

Until recently, the firm’s technology was available to niche markets. However, due to the growing demand to identify potentially improper actions, Cybertap has introduced its technology to organizations engaged in fraud detection and related disciplines. The Cybertap system facilitates information analysis in financial services, health care, and competitive intelligence.

Dr. Couturier said:

Recon is able to decrease risk and improve your situational awareness by decreasing the time to resolution of a cyber event and by improving your knowledge of what happened during a cyber event. We are incorporating big data analysis techniques to reduce the meaningless data and quantify the meaningful information using categorization, semantic, and sentiment tools,” Couturier said. “Recon presents the information as it was originally seen so analysts can follow conversations and threads in context.

The firm’s system processes content, embedded files, attachments, attributes, network protocol data, metadata, and entities. Developers incorporated semantic analysis tools to “roll-up” large volumes of data into what they call “themes” and “topics.” This aggregation enables researchers to more quickly decide whether information is relevant.

He added:

Mash ups and data fusion are crucial when dealing with big data. You can search, visualize, link, and reconstruct exactly what happened from the primary source and reduce investigation times by hours or days.

Cybertap is one of a handful of content processing firms taking findability to a new level of utility. The firm’s system combines next-generation methods with a search box and visualization to provide unique insights into information processed by the Cybertap system. The full text of the interview is available at www.arnoldit.com/search-wizards-speak/cybertap.html.

Cybertap LLC’s vision is to integrate the best-of-breed cyber forensics, analysis, and security technologies. Cybertap serves all markets requiring solutions next generation data analysis tools including: federal government markets, both civilian and Department of Defense agencies; commercial markets; and state and local governments. The privately held company has offices located in Vienna, Virginia; Englewood, Colorado and Palmer, Massachusetts.

The system is important because it underscores the opportunities for innovators in information retrieval and analysis. Cybertap combines search with a range of functions which allow a combination of alerting, discovering, and finding. In my experience, few products offer this type of pragmatic insight without the costs and complexities of traditional systems built by cobbling together different vendors’ products.

Search Wizards Speak is the largest collection of interviews with innovators and developers working in search and content processing. An index to the more than 60 interviews is available at http://www.arnoldit.com/search-wizards-speak/.

Additional information about Cybertap LLC is available at http://www.cybertapllc.com.

Stephen E Arnold, December 4, 2012


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