July 31, 2013

For all you XML lovers out there, particularly those with dual-core machines, RaptorXML is here. Market Wired hosts, “Altova Announces General Availability of RaptorXML.” The product is part of Altova’s suite of server products. The press release informs us:

“Altova RaptorXML is a high-performance XML and XBRL server optimized for today’s multi-CPU, multi-core computers and servers. Developers creating solutions using Altova MissionKit XML development and XBRL development tools will be able to power server applications with RaptorXML for hyper-performance, increased throughput, and efficient memory utilization to validate and process large amounts of XML or XBRL data cost-effectively. . . .

“RaptorXML conforms to the latest versions of all relevant XML and XBRL standards and has been submitted to rigorous regression and conformance testing. The server is available in three versions.”

These versions include Raptor XML Server, Raptor XML+XBRL Server, and RaptorXML Development Edition. The last of these facilitates applications testing by developers working in Altova’s XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision. The products are available for use on Windows, 32-bit or 64-bit, and for the 64-bit MacOS. Pricing is on an annual licensing basis, determined by the number of CPU cores in a prospective customer’s server. A few features include a low memory footprint, cross-platform capabilities, and beefed-up error reporting. See the article above (and/or this one) for more details.

The developer-centered Altova focuses on data management, software development, and data integration. The company boasts that 91% of Fortune 500 companies use their products, but emphasizes that small and medium businesses are also valuable clients. Altova splits its headquarters between Beverly, Massachusetts and Vienna, Austria.

Cynthia Murrell, July 31, 2013

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