Another Content Management Company Another Day

August 12, 2013

Content management companies are springing up and gaining attention due to the Big Data boom. One of the companies that our content wranglers pulled out of an Internet Search is Applied Relevance. They specialize in several aspects of the content management spectrum, but the company’s Web site prominently promotes its taxonomy services. Applied Relevance offers the AR-Classifer tagging engine that can run on a variety of platforms. Its AR-Semantics is the flagship organization and categorization software, while the AR-Taxonomy is the tool needed to edit and manage taxonomies and if you want to search your taxonomies the AR-Navigator is available.

All this talk about Applied Relevance’s taxonomy software is informative, but what is interesting is the company’s description on the main page:

“Applied Relevance produces software and services to help enterprise users find the information they need. Our solutions augment traditional search engines by providing context for the search results. The AR toolset and our partners provide cost effective technology for the full spectrum of enterprise content management and search applications. With our tools, a search term and a few clicks, users can zero-in past ambiguities and come up with the right answer in the right context. Applied Relevance is located on the west coast of the east coast of North America.”

Descriptive, but not a word on taxonomy or what exactly the company specifically does. The tagline at the end about Applied Relevance’s location is even more ambiguous.

Whitney Grace, August 12, 2013

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One Response to “Another Content Management Company Another Day”

  1. George Everitt on August 12th, 2013 1:18 pm

    Your assessment of our old site is spot on, which is why we have completely revamped it in the past few weeks. The curious who click on the link given in the review will be rewarded with a much updated view on Applied Relevance and our mission.
    We’re most excited about our new product called Epinomy, which features prominently in our strategy going forward. You’ll find the message about Epinomy to be much clearer than the products featured on the old site.
    I encourage you to take a second look. The new site has been up for only a month, so I presume that this story was banked for a little while before release.
    Feel free to contact me directly with questions. I’m a pretty open guy – maybe a bit too forthright at times – but happy to answer questions about Epinomy or any other subject that strikes your fancy.
    The “west coast of the east coast of North America” is an oblique reference to the Tampa Bay area. And you’re right – it’s a bit too precious. Which is why it’s not there any more.

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