A Sales Pitch for HP IDOL

January 12, 2014

Conceptual search allows users to search by concepts and ideas within information rather than basic keywords and phrases. Great idea, except that that the idea of conceptual search has been around since 1999. HP is touting it as a entirely brand new idea in the article, “Analytics For Human Information: Optimize Information Categorization With HP IDOL” posted on its own Web site. Rather than break directly into the “new” conceptual search, we are given the even better glittery term “categorization.” HP IDOL, using ExploreCloud-an SaaS solution for analytics and sights, offers an auto-categorization feature marked as a time saver and productive tool.

HP describes it as a magic tool:

“Powered by HP IDOL, ExploreCloud helps you uncover insights across all channels: web, mobile, social media, email, contact center, database, and storefront, so that you can organize and quantify content in a consistent, objective manner, resulting in data that is more accessible and consistent. And you can maintain existing legacy taxonomies and/or enrich them with contextual understanding. When you go beyond the limitations of what keywords can help you do, your whole world opens up. You can also discover the “unknown unknowns,” or topics you did not know to look for in the first place.”

The article stresses that regular keyword searching is far from abandoned, but its limitations are stressed. Keyword search’s weaknesses are addressed to the point of stating the obvious, and then it turns into a sales pitch for HP IDOL. Little is said about what exactly HP IDOL can do, other than organize data. HP, please tell us something we do not know.

Whitney Grace, January 12, 2014

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