Everyone Rejoice! We Now Have Emoji Search

June 1, 2016

It was only a matter of time after image search actually became a viable and useful tool that someone would develop a GIF search.  Someone thought it would be a keen idea to also design an emoji search and now, ladies and gentlemen, we have it!  Tech Viral reports that “Now You Can Search Images On Google Using Emoji.”

Using the Google search engine is a very easy process, type in a few keywords or a question, click search, and then delve into the search results.  The Internet, though, is a place where people develop content and apps just for “the heck of it”.  Google decided to design an emoji search option, probably for that very reason.  Users can type in an emoji, instead of words to conduct an Internet search.

The new emoji search is based on the same recognition skills as the Google image search, but the biggest question is how many emojis will Google support with the new function?

“Google has taken searching algorithm to the next level, as it is now allowing users to search using any emoji icon. Google stated ‘An emoji is worth a thousand words’. This feature may be highly appreciated by lazy Google users, as they now they don’t need to type a complete line instead you just need to use an emoji for searching images.”

It really sounds like a search for lazy people and do not be surprised to get a variety of results that do not have any relation to the emoji or your intended information need.  An emoji might be worth a thousand words, but that is a lot of words with various interpretations.


Whitney Grace, June 1, 2016
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