Need a Low Cost College Degree? Dark Web U Is for You

October 9, 2016

The lawless domain just got murkier. Apart from illegal firearms, passports, drugs and hit men, you now can procure a verifiable college degree or diploma on Dark Web.

The Next Web in an article Dark Web Crooks Are Selling Fake Degrees and Certifications for the Price of a Smartphone reports:

Cyber criminals have created a digital marketplace where unscrupulous students can purchase or gain information necessary to provide themselves with unfair and illegal academic credentials and advantages.

The certificates for these academic credentials are near perfect. But what makes this cybercrime more dangerous is the fact that hackers also manipulate the institution records to make the fake credential genuine.

The article adds:

A flourishing market for hackers who would target universities in order to change grades and remove academic admonishments

This means that under and completely non-performing students undertaking an educational course need not worry about low grades or absenteeism. Just pay the hackers and you have a perfectly legal degree that you can show the world. And the cost of all these? Just $500-$1000.

What makes this particular aspect of Dark Web horrifying interesting is the fact that anyone who procures such illegitimate degree can enter mainstream job market with perfect ease and no student debt.

Vishal Ingole, October 9, 2016


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