Yahoo Is Trying: Tusk Keep Trying

January 21, 2017

Beyond Search read a short but interesting “news” item with the interesting title “Yahoo Japan is Refusing to Stop the Sale of Ivory on Its Website.” Like other Internet news items, we believe everything we read online. Yahoo, according to the write up, is selling ivory. The write up points out:

“Even Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, has tried to stop the trade — but the business argues that so long as no laws are broken, people should be able to trade whatever it wants on the site.”

We love the “even.”

A Yahoo Japan person, quoted anonymously in the write up, allegedly says:

We want to provide an internet auction site where people can trade freely, and at this moment we have no intention of banning legal trading without any reason,” a spokesman for Yahoo Japan said. “We don’t believe the ivory sales contribute to a fall in elephant numbers.”

US Yahoo, I learned:

bans the sale of endangered animal products, says it can’t force Yahoo Japan to change. Mayer has not publicly addressed the issue, though she has let it be known that she has raised concerns internally.

The tireless warriorette, Marissa Mayer, “has met up dozens of times with Yahoo Japan on this issue.” Meeting up is easy because US Yahoo owns more than 35 percent of Yahoo Japan.

Well, Yahoo is trying, using the same management methods which may have contributed to the loss of users’ credentials. Trying. Yes, Ms. Mayer is trying.

Stephen E Arnold, January 21, 2018


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    Yahoo Is Trying: Tusk Keep Trying : Stephen E. Arnold @ Beyond Search

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