Apple Lovers Demand Their Own Talking Speaker

June 27, 2017

Google and Amazon dominate the intelligent speaker market and it is about to get more crowded.  Marketing Land reports on a recent Morning Consult survey that showed how Apple lovers would like their own talking speaker: “Survey: Amazon Echo, Google Home Onwers ‘Very Interested’ In Apple HomePod.”  Morning Consult surveyed 2,000 US consumers and discovered that one third of them are interested the Apple HomePod and 45 percent are Apple users.

Even more surprising among the results is that the consumers who are the most interested to use an Apple HomePod already own the competing devices.  There are more interesting numbers:

According to the survey, the following were the rankings of variables, “among those who said [the] feature was ‘very important’ when considering a voice-controlled assistant:

57% Price

51% Speaker/audio quality

49% Accuracy of device’s voice recognition

44% Compatibility with devices you may already own, such as your smartphone

30% Access to a variety or music streaming services

29% Ability for device to integrate with other services or platforms, such as controlling smart light bulb

29% Brand that manufactures the device21% Aesthetics or look of the device

Is this an indicator that the Apple cult will win over the home digital assistant market?  It might, but Amazon is still favored among consumers and might be the biggest contender because of the shopping connection and the price.  The accuracy of the HomePod’s voice recognition is very important to consumers, especially when Siri fails to understand.  Bitext could improve Apple, Google, and Amazons’ digital assistants when it comes to natural speech recognition.

Whitney Grace, June 27, 2017


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