Google to Further Predict Relevant News to Subscribers

August 30, 2017

It’s no surprise that these days most people rely on something other than themselves to find relevant news stories, be it social media, a news feed or even Google. For many, it’s easier to let others determine what is truly important. Google, a leader in pointing out useful information and news, has stepped up their steering game and announce the update to their app which will further think for each user.

According to a recent liliputing article,

…the feed still shows things like news, videos, and sports scores. But Google isn’t just choosing content based on the way you interact with Google search, apps, and services anymore. The company will also surface items that are trending locally and around the globe, helping you stay up to date on things that you might otherwise have missed. The company says it uses machine learning algorithms to predict which things you’ll be most interested in seeing.

For those uncomfortable with only seeing news stories Google’s algorithms deem worthy of your consideration there are steps you can take to delete your preferences and habits. Perhaps Google’s intentions are altruistic and the app will be Big Brother approved really helpful to the masses. We sure hope so!

Catherine Lamsfuss, August 30, 2017


One Response to “Google to Further Predict Relevant News to Subscribers”

  1. David Mishra on September 15th, 2017 5:44 pm

    One of the most popular alternative to Google Play is TutuApp APK that allows users to install paid apps for free which is a huge challenge for Google.

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