Yet Another Way to Make Search Smarter

November 3, 2017

Companies are always inventing new ways to improve search.  Their upgrades are always guaranteed to do this or that, but usually they do nothing at all.  BA Insights is one of the few companies that offers decent search product and guess what?  They have a new upgrade!  According to their blog, “BA Insight Makes Search Smarter With Smarthub.”  BA Insight’s latest offering is called the Smarthub that is specifically designed for cognitive search.  It leverages cloud-based search and cognitive computing services from Google, Elastic, and Microsoft.

Did I mention it was an app?  Most of them are these days.  Smarthub also supports and is compatible with other technology, has search controls built from metadata, machine learning personalization analytics, cognitive image processing, and simultaneous access to content from over sixty enterprise systems. What exactly is cognitive search?

‘Cognitive search, and indeed, the entire new wave of cognitive applications, are the next leap forward in information access.  These apps rest on a search backbone that integrates information, making it findable and usable.  Companies such as BA Insight are now able to not only provide better search results, but also uncover patterns and solve problems that traditional search engines can’t,’ said Sue Feldman, Co-Founder and Managing Director at the Cognitive Computing Consortium.  ‘There’s a cognitive technology race going on between the big software superpowers, which are developing platforms on which these applications are built.  Smart smaller vendors go the next mile, layering highly integrated, well designed, purpose-built applications on top of multiple platforms so that enterprises can leave their information environments in place while adding in the AI, machine learning, and language understanding that gets them greater, faster insights.’

It sounds like what all search applications are supposed to do.  I guess it is just a smarter version of the search applications that already exist, but what makes them different is the analytics and machine learning components that make information more findable and personalize the experience.

Whitney Grace, November 3, 2017


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