Short Honk: Yahoo Is Oath, Actually, Verizon Media Group

December 19, 2018

What’s with Yahoo? Is it like something the witches in Macbeth cooked up? The curse of the Yahooligans has claimed a Hollywood mogul (whatever happened to Terry Semel?), a person who fudged a résumé, a Googler known for giving interesting holiday parties, Tim Andrews (yep, the fellow of Patch fame who saw a pot of gold in the fusion of Yahoo and America Online), a new brand called Oath, and now Verizon’s billions. Oath was almost as scintillating as TRONC in terms of zippiness.

That is a track record for a company which once was a directory of Web sites. Yahoooo!

I read “Introducing Verizon Media Group.” The main point of the write up in my opinion is that Yahoo is dead. AOL is no more. From the ashes a new online media group is rising. I noted this statement:

This quarter, we’ve made it easier for people to access our unparalleled diversity and quality of consumer products, while making it easier for advertisers and publishers to solve their business challenges with the recent launch of our unified ad platforms. We’ve built on this strong foundation and set our advertising solutions apart by introducing over 20 new features this quarter, including engaging ad formats and unique supply such as digital OOH, connected TV and programmatic audio.

Yep, unified.

So now it is VMG. Perhaps the Yahoo spell has been broken?

Stephen E Arnold, December 19, 2018


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