The First Home Quantum Computer?

January 9, 2019

I read “IBM Unveils Its First Commercial Quantum Computer.” The write up stated with no trace of sarcasm:

we’re not quite there yet, but the company also notes that these systems are upgradable (and easy to maintain).

Gentle reader, do you know how to maintain a cryogenic system? No background in low temperature physics? No experience working with super cooled fluids? Hey, no problemo. IBM offers services too.

Image result for ibm quantum computer

The write up points out that IBM wants the quantum computer to be a work of art. How about delivering useful computing capability?

Imagine this in your WeWork space:

It’s a nine-foot-tall and nine-foot-wide airtight box, with the quantum computing chandelier hanging in the middle, with all of the parts neatly hidden away.

What is more interesting is that IBM rolled out this product at the consumer electronics show.

Quick buy IBM stock. This practical device will deliver:

Games? No.

Applications? No.

Visualizations? No.

Er, PR? Yes.

Stephen E Arnold, January 9, 2019


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