Factualities for July 17, 2019

July 17, 2019

A new feature appears in this week’s round up of remarkable numbers, statistics, and quantifiable things. This is “Craziest Number of the Week.” DarkCyber must admit that identifying just one craziest number is difficult work. But we did it.

Craziest Number of the Week:

Virtual agents will add $2 trillion in business “value.”

The number comes from a font of predictions, Gartner Group. Here’s the number for fans of zeros: 2,000,000,000,000. Yeah, virtual agents. Why ask questions like What?, How?, Method? Waste of time. It’s 12 zeros and may sell some consulting work or a new outstanding report. Source: Venture Beat

Regular Fantastical Data

-26. Percentage decline in CNN viewers in the last 12 months. Source: Summit News

1. Number of electric scooter injuries per 5,000 rides. Source: Boing Boing

3. Rank of Florida in terms of danger among the 50 US states. Source: WPTV

5. Number of automobiles emitting pollution required to equal the environmental impact of an organization’s training one “modest” machine learning model. Source: Boing Boing

50 percent. Amount of untagged (not indexed) data in the world now. Source: Information Management

50 percent. Employees who don’t follow email security protocols. Source: InfoSecurity

62 percent. Percentage of UK millennials who believe their generation will be worse off that their parents’ generation. Source: Telegraph

97. Number of virtual private networks owned by 23 companies. Source: VPN Pro

219. Number of years in prison for UCLA professor who stole missile secrets for China and got caught. Source: Newsweek

1,000. Number of Android apps which harvest user data after the user has denied permission for such harvesting. Source: CNet

3,500. Number of sex trafficking cases reported to US National Human Trafficking Resource Center in 2018. Source: Christian Journal

$500,000. Amount stolen from 7-Eleven’s secure mobile payment system. Source: The Verge

5,500,000. The number of monthly viewing hours in the US on smart TVs. “But growth is slowing.” Source: Mediapost

10,000,000. Number of fake installs of a Samsung app. Source: How to Geek

£183,000,000. Fine levied against British Airways for data breach. Source: BBC

25,000,000. Number of new Android malware installations via doppelgangers. Doppelgangers! Source: ZDNet

$32,000,000. Amount of digital currency stolen from Bitpoint in possibly one day. Source: ZDNet

$800 million. Value of meth seized by Australian police in a single drug bust. Source: Time

$38,000,000,000. Amount Jeff Bezos paid his ex wife in a divorce settlement. Source: Reuters

Keep counting.

Stephen E Arnold, July 17, 2019


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