Factualities for August 14, 2019

August 14, 2019

Kick back at the beach, grab a pen, and craft some numbers.

The number of the week is:

3. The rank of medical error as a cause of death in the US. Source: Science Alert

Other notable confections, examples of sleeping in Statistics 101, and the deliria from spreadsheet fever are:

40. Number of Windows drivers which contain privilege of escalation vulnerabilities. Source: Neowin

60. The percent increase in fraud attacks on the food and beverage market. Source: Restaurant Technology

74. Percent of digital transactions handled by Amazon. Source: Search Engine Watch

90. Percentage of startups which fail. Source: Inventiva

200. The percentage increase in destructive malware attacks since January 2019. Source Silicon Angle from IBM

$880. Amount Verizon charged a library for less than 500 megabytes of “roaming” data. Source: ArsTechnica

10,000. Number of medical records lost by the New York Fire Department. Source: Engadget

42,000. Number of fake soldiers receiving pay in Afghanistan. These fakes are called “ghost soldiers.” Source: Military.com

$1 million. Amount Apple with pay for a specific iPhone exploit. Source: Digital Trends

$1.05 million. Amount the US Department of Energy has allocated to a blockchain energy management program. Source: Coin Telegraph

$3 million. Amount Facebook has allegedly promised specific publishers news to participate in a Facebook “news” service.  Source: Apple Insider

$8.6 million. Amount Cisco Systems paid as a fine because its security product did not secure. Source: TechDirt

$1.5 billion. Palantir’s government contracts. Source: BizJournals from Lantinx (Note: Paywalls used to protect this high value data about a privately held company doing business related to some low profile work.)

$2 billion. The amount North Korea allegedly stole from cyber crime victims in order to pay for weapons. Source: Computing

$4.25 billion. Amount Apple spent on research and development in the June 2019 quarter1. Source: Apple Insider

$5.24 billion. Uber’s loss in a single 90 day period. In case you are wondering, that works out to more than $50 million per day. Source: MarketWatch

$16 billion. That’s the size of the blockchain solution market in 2023, a mere four years in the future. Evidence? Nope. Source: Crypto browser.io

20 billion. The number of data events Badoo handles each day. Yep, Badoo, not Baido. Evidence: Nah. Source: Infoq

Stephen E Arnold, August 12, 2019


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