Swagiggle? Nope, Not an April Fooler

April 1, 2020

Big ecommerce sites like eBay and Amazon depend on a robust, accurate, and functional search engine. Without a powerful search application, searching for items on eBay and Amazon is like looking through every page of a printed catalog. The only difference is that there are millions of items compared to the thousands in one catalog. Amazon and eBay are not always accurate, especially when users edit and add content without being monitored. That means there is room for improvement and a startup to worm their way into the big leagues. Swagiggle is a:

“Swagiggle is a precision shopping search and product discovery website created by WAND, Inc. to demonstrate the capabilities of its taxonomy based product data organization and enrichment abilities featured in the WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal and PIM. WAND, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of pre-defined taxonomies, including the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy.

Have you ever had the experience of going to a category on an online retail site and seeing mis-categorized items? Or, a bunch of items dumped into a catch-all “Accessories” category. At Swagiggle, our goal is to provide accurate and specific categories so that our users can quickly find exactly the products they are looking for. From there, we assign product specifications so that users can filter through the items in a category and find exactly what they want.”

Wand’s Swagiggle sounds like an awesome product. Using products from its clients, Swagiggle offers an online catalog for users to search for products they wish to buy. These products range from clothing to cleaning products. The items are organized by large categories, then users man drill down to specific items or search with key words. It is a pretty standard search engine, but it has one major problem. The drilling down aspect does fill dated and half the time pictures and content would not load. The loading time is extraordinary long too. Plus, due to the variety of their clients, items offered on Swagiggle are very random. Swagiggle needs tofu the broken pictures and figure out how to make itself faster.

Whitney Grace, April 1, 2020


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