Customer Experience: Pretty Dismal It Seems

April 10, 2020

We noted “Companies Slow to Respond to Customer Experience Demands.” No kidding?

The write up contains some factoids. These are presented with minimal information about sample size, methodology, etc. No surprise. Whether true or not, the data may be useful. We found them suggestive:

  • “Organizations struggle to align their CX strategies to voice of customer (VoC) feedback, with 68% having no formal process for considering this data and 28% which capture no feedback at all.”
  • Faltering technology systems: Nearly one in three (30%) say their technology systems are failing to meet current needs and many teams still struggle with legacy systems (52%) and the integration of multiple technology systems (43%). Additionally, the inability to secure budgets (57%) remains a concern and skills shortages is seen as a growing concern (38%).
  • Siloed channels and internal business organizations: Almost two thirds (63%) of organizations agree there is only partial collaboration between functions when it comes to designing CX, and 11% don’t collaborate at all. More than two thirds (69%) still have no cross-channel contact management strategy and only one third (33%) claim to have good or complete consistency across contact channels.

Do companies care? Nah. We learned something that seems intuitively on the money:

While just over three quarters (78%) of organizations indicate that they are satisfied with their customer satisfaction capability, only 9% of their customers rate customer experience at ‘advocacy’ level. Worryingly, just 5% of AI and robotics users say customers rate their experience at advocacy level, exposing the gap between emerging technologies and satisfaction levels.

We think the letters from the US airlines informing people like those on the DarkCyber team that the airlines care about us. Yeah, right. How about those chatbots behind “Listen to this message carefully. Our menu has changed.” Super stuff.

Stephen E Arnold, April 10, 2020


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