DARPA AI Contract Goes to BAE

May 2, 2020

We have been waiting for this announcement, but anyone rooting for a startup to snag this DARPA contract will be disappointed. Digital Battlespace reports, “DARPA Awards Machine Learning Analytics Contract to BAE Systems.” Yes, they went with the big, established, and experienced firm. The machine learning analytics services project is part of the agency’s Geospatial Cloud Analytics program. The brief write-up informs us:

“The services will be the first of their kind and will be cloud-based, according to BAE Systems. It will harvest open source data including commercial information and satellite imagery to provide situational awareness reports for the US government. The Multi-INT Analytics for Pattern Learning and Exploitation (MAPLE) technology will be used by BAE Systems FAST Labs to provide an approach which will free operators to query data for specific situations in real-time thus reducing the need for manual analysis. The cloud-based nature of the software makes it flexible and it can easily be scaled up as required by the end user.”

Established in 1999, BAE has grown into a huge operation—it now employs about 83,100 people around the world. The company specializes in a wide range of defense and aerospace systems for military and intelligence agencies. BAE’s DC activities flow from the firm’s Virginia offices.

Cynthia Murrell, May 2, 2020


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