Twitch: Semantic Search Stream to Lure Gamers, Trolls, and Gals?

July 31, 2020

Amazon Twitch may be more versatile than providing the young at heart with hours of sophisticated content. There are electronic games, trolls (lots of trolls armed with weird icons), and what appear to be females.

Now Twitch will be moving along the content spectrum with the addition of a stream about semgrep. If you are not on a first name basis, semgrep is a semantic search thing. You can join in for free, no waiting rooms, and no big technical hurdles. I suppose one could create a lecture about semantic methods in TikTok 30-second videos which might be a first for the non-invasive, controversial app. Nah, go for Twitch. Skip YouTube and Facebook. Go Bezos bulldozer.

Navigate to and go to the jeanqasaur stream. The time on July 31, 2020? The show begins at 4 pm US Eastern time.

The program is definitely perceived by some as super important. A motivated semantic wizard posted a message on the semantic page. Here’s what the message looks like:


DarkCyber’s suggestions:

  • Do not become distracted by Raj recruiting, Bad Bunny, or Celestial Fitness. Keep your eye on the grep as it were.
  • Sign up because Amazon wants you to be part of the family. Prime members may receive extra Bezos bucks somewhere down the line
  • Exercise good grammar, be respectful, and keep your clothes on. Twitch banned SweetSaltyPeach who reinvented herself as RachelKay, Web developer, fashion model, and gamer icon. You may have to reincarnate yourself too.
  • Avoid the lure of Animal Crossing Arabia II.

Stephen E Arnold, July 31, 2020


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