Enterprise Search Needs To Do Its Core Function

December 24, 2020

Enterprise search is still one of those buzzwords tossed around by tech experts to make themselves sound smart, but with good reason. Inside Big Data discusses enterprise search’s future in the article: “Enterprise Search In The Age Of AI.” Enterprise search used to be one of the most important buzzwords in the tech industry. It meant a more intuitive and customizable way to search data and actually find desired information.

Enterprise search evolved into more advanced facets of enterprise systems and it appears with AI-powered big data systems it might not be relevant anymore. The article, however, states enterprise search is still important. Here is the extraordinary insight:

“My opinion is that, if Enterprise Search is to regain a significant share of the business tools market, it can only do so by refocusing on its core value proposition: search. When it comes to the public web, we might feel that there’s little room left for improvement in the search space, but I believe that there’s a lot more ground to explore on the enterprise side of things. Part of the reason for claiming this comes from the insight that our needs seem to almost universally follow Pareto’s law, at least when it comes to the public web. For the most part, we keep searching for the same things by posing similar queries and land on the same websites. The fact that the corpus of all web documents is immense presents more of a problem than an opportunity, as most of it is irrelevant to us. Google understands this well, which is why, over the last decade, it hasn’t been investing in expanding its search experience, but instead slowly reducing it to merely providing the “one true answer,” personalized for each user.”

Why does this need to be explained? With all the powerful AI systems users still need to locate information. Users want precise, quick, and relevant search tools that return the required data. How much simpler can it get? Why not develop an AI-powered enterprise search tool? I know the answer. Too difficult. Marketing hype and consulting baloney are much easier.

Whitney Grace, December 24, 2020


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