A Tattoo Can Monitor Your Brainwaves

February 17, 2021

Most tattoos are works of art, but some people inject ink into their skin for medical reasons. Medical tattoos often list allergies or say “DNR” (do not resuscitate) on a person’s chest. Digital Trends share that a new type of tattoo ink can monitor brainwaves in the article: “This Game-Changing Graphene Tattoo Can Continuously Monitor Your Brainwaves.”

Brain Scientific, Inc. was founded by Baruch “Boris” Goldstein and specializes in special tattoos. These tattoos are inked on your head with a special grapheme ink, so they can monitor brainwaves. Here is a more accurate description:

“To be clear, Brain Scientific’s new Brain E-Tattoo doesn’t resemble any piece of ink you’ve seen before. It’s a small patch, about the size of a postage stamp that looks, for all intents and purposes, like a microchip wafer affixed above the ear of the wearer. While the company uses the word “tattoo” to describe it, it’s more accurately referred to as a minimally invasive, implantable, 4-channel, micro electroencephalography (EEG) with grapheme electrodes for continuous brain monitoring. And there’s a chance this bit of cyborg tech could one day help save your life.”

The idea is that the grapheme-based electrodes will be connected to a micro EEG to analyze brain patterns and alert you to abnormal brain patterns like seizures and Alzheimer’s.

Brain Scientific specializes in AI technology, but they transitioned into hardware when they could not find the right tools. Goldstein wants the grapheme tattoo to eventually replace EEG headsets and continuously monitor brain activity. With the recorded brain activity, medical professionals can observe how any changes differ from past neurological data. The grapheme tattoo can also monitor other body functions.

Grapheme tattoos may one day be programmed to download information directly into your brain. Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google will have different grapheme tattoo types and sell exclusive content. How long before those get on the market?

Whitney Grace, February 17, 2021


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