Was Super Yacht Go a Digital Victim?

March 16, 2021

Modern yachts are connected to the Internet. I know very little about the specialized systems used to monitor these vessels. One interesting idea was articulated by eSysman Super Yachts via his YouTube video for March 12, 2021. You can view the program at this link. The point which snagged my attention was the observation that the boat’s controls behaved in an unusual manner. Furthermore, according to statements reported by media, the captain was unable to implement a manual override. When the helm’s instructions were not processed, no alarms sounded.  Consequently the captain had to decide whether to crash into a bridge or into a pier. The captain choose the pier. No one was injured and the boat can be repaired.

The key question: Have cyber criminals compromised super yachts’ computerized control systems?

No answers yet. But in the “wake” of SolarWinds and Exchange missteps, the possibility must be considered. Odysseus thought he had problems, but he was dealing with more tractable gods, not digital monsters.

Stephen E Arnold, March 16, 2021


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