Harvard Channels MIT: The Epstein Ethos

April 1, 2021

I read “Harvard Punishes Professor Who Had Ties to Jeffrey Epstein.” Amusing. I noted this statement:

Harvard’s 2020 review found that the university accepted more than $9 million from Epstein during the decade leading up to his conviction but barred him from making further donations after that point.

Is it possible that nine million reasons were identified to make the issue less visible. But what was fascinating was this statement from the write up:

Other universities have also faced scrutiny over their ties to Epstein, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The former director of MIT’s famous Media Lab, Joi Ito, resigned in 2019 amid uproar over his financial connections to Epstein. He issued a public apology and vowed to raise money for victims of trafficking.

Just like a couple of grade school kids exchanging “He did it too” comments. How similar are these outstanding, highly regarded, influential, and upstanding institutions?

PS. The British newspaper The Independent reported, “A 30-year-old MIT graduate has been found dead in an apartment n Chicago surrounded by equipment that could be used to make bombs…” Interesting.

Stephen E Arnold, April 1, 2021


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