Blockchain and Reality

April 2, 2021

Sure, I wrote a chapter in Transforming Scholarly Publishing With Blockchain Technologies and AI, but my focus was everyone’s favorite online bookstore: The Bezos bulldozer aka Amazon. I read “Enterprise Blockchain Doesn’t Work Because It’s About the Real World.” The essay was interesting even though there was zero consideration of Amazon’s technological presence in the techno-space.

I did spot an interesting statement in the essay:

The price of accuracy is unreality. The Bitcoin blockchain is accurate only because what it “records” isn’t real: bitcoin holdings are shadows cast by the blockchain itself. Enterprise blockchains reach beyond these shadows into the real world – but in doing so they abandon the surety that is the technology’s distinctive promise.

The statement is worth thinking about the “value” of some NFTs.

Stephen E Arnold, April 2, 2021


One Response to “Blockchain and Reality”

  1. Alex Hania on April 3rd, 2021 7:39 am

    Where can I get a copy of “Transforming Scholarly Publishing With Blockchain Technologies and AI”? And can I buy a copy of your chapter, independently?

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