DarkCyber for May 18, 2021 Now Available

May 18, 2021

DarkCyber is a twice-a-month video news program usually available on YouTube at this link. The topics in the May 18, 2021, video include a look at what the Signal subpoena “signals” about advanced US intelware systems. The program also explores ways to spy on a mobile phone. If you want to purchase your own IMSI catcher, you will find a an online ecommerce site ready to respond. (Keep in mind intercepting mobile content can be problematic in some jurisdictions.) Reluctantly we revisit the increasingly embarrassing Microsoft security software and systems. We report that a UK cyber security company has entered into a partnership with Microsoft in order to put the polish on that digital Yugo. The program profiles a not-so-clever trick to smuggle liquid meth into the United States. The scheme included a drug mule, a VW SUV, and a fuel tank available from an auto parts shop. Hint: The ploy did not work. This program’s drone news explains the new features of the UAVTEK bug nano. This is a remarkable device which can operate in swarms, perform surveillance whether in the air or perched in an inconspicuous location. The new version can carry a payload; for example, additional sensors and micro-explosives.

DarkCyber is available at www.arnoldit.com/wordpress and on YouTube. (Sometimes the really smart software used to filter objectionable content becomes irritated with the video news program. Is it because the LE and intel centric content is troublesome? Is it because DarkCyber does not run ads (no big momma ads nor from individual companies), and the content is not sponsored. No wonder videos are objectionable. I mean no ads, no sponsorships, no shilling! Terrible, right?

Kenny Toth, May 18, 2021

PS. This video is available on Facebook (we think). Try this url: https://bit.ly/3wfTnNu


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