Google Encourages Competition: Our Way or No Way. Seems Fair

June 4, 2021

I get a kick out of the Google. First, there was the really embarrassing matter of the diversity director outputting a few years ago some spicy comments about a country. Here’s a rundown of what makes the Timnit Gebru affair like just another synthetic pearl in a long string of management jewelry at a flea market.

I found this story even more revealing. The context is that numerous legal eagles are slapping Googzilla with a wide range of legal documents. Many of these are related to alleged monopolistic practices. I am no lawyer, but I get the feeling that some people are concerned about Google’s ability to absorb online advertising revenues, control what information people can find via the universal search thing, and Google’s Amazon like arrogance. (Yep, Amazon is the new Big Dog, but you knew that, right?)

Here’s the key statement:

Today I Learned you can not advertise on  @GoogleAds if you use  @googleanalytics competitors like  @matomo_org

This seems reasonable. An “if then” statement for organizations that want to tap into Google’s billions of “users.”

An entity called @HashNuke added:

This is easily identifiable as anti-competitive practice. Wouldn’t this be illegal in many countries?

If these statements are accurate, isn’t being Googley just the best way to inspire individuals and organizations. Some of those legal eagles may find the information worth checking out.

Stephen E Arnold, June 4, 2021


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  1. in cryptography, what is cipher? on August 3rd, 2021 8:12 am

    Excellent blog , you touch all point so well .

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