China Realities: No Fortnite after more Than 20 Days

November 3, 2021

Google, as I recall, wanted China to change its approach to high technology. Facebook – oops, Meta – had a senior manager who learned Chinese and gave a talk in actual Chinese I believe. Yahoo bailed. And now Fortnite has decided to leave the Middle Kingdom to its own devices.

What’s interesting about the Fortnite decision to abandon the world’s largest market is that it was never serious about China. China was a “test.” The “test” began in 2018 and involved an interesting partner, Tencent, which owned a chunk of the popular online game.

China is rethinking its approach to online activities. The CNN report states that:

companies were “urged to break from the solitary focus of pursuing profit or attracting players and fans”…

Yep, just a test. But of what? Fortnite’s will? The company can take on Apple, but it swizzled its push into China as a test.

Who or what failed? My answer: The marketing/PR wizard thinking up this Fancy Dance move. It’s an F.

Stephen E Arnold, November 3, 2021


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