Spamarama: Smart Software Outputs Gold

November 30, 2021

Email effectively destroyed handwritten and paper correspondence, but AI could make all email communication automated. The International Business Times explains that: “Vaibhav Namburi, Magician Scanning Over 1.5 Billion Pages Per Search That Outputs Personalized Cold Emails.”

Vaibhav Namburi invented the It was designed to create hyper-personalized cold emails. The AI considers over 126 different points per interaction, generates eight times more replies, the automated outreach process is forty times faster, and six times cheaper. The output quality has also closed deals ranging from $10,000 to $15,000. is already deployed by many organizations and it offers many personalization points:

“? B2B output personalization using LinkedIn profiles
? Personalization for offline businesses using Google reviews

? Deep personalization is where AI scours the internet to personalize based on a
prospect’s podcast, news articles, blogs, medium blogs, interviews, webinars,
and much more.
? Covers virtually all aspects of personalization research within seconds
? Backlink personalization to help improve a website’s ranking with Google
? Customers can then focus on closing deals instead of doing mundane lead

Namburi started his own company and designed the when he needed a better outbound system to find leads and create offers. The end result was and it continues to grow as Namburi’s business.

This is excellent for Namburi, but rather than sound like a press release, how about a viable demonstration on why and how it works.

Whitney Grace, November 30, 2021


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