A Comparison: US Vs. European Government Methods

January 21, 2022

I know one thing about 5G. The T Mobile super high speed service delivers data more slowly than my 4G / LTE service. Thus, it is difficult for me to accept that the pig slow 5G in rural Kentucky is a threat to aircraft eager to land on the dirt road used by certain characters in the Commonwealth.

I noted “5G Is Grounding Planes and Freaking Out Airlines: We Found Out Why.” I want to sidestep the somewhat interesting discussion about who shot John, the 5G expert. The US government and the airlines are wrestling with US 5G carriers. The main idea is a minor one; that is, 5G signals in the C band emitted from vertically mounted towers could — note the word could — cause an aircraft to demonstrate one of Newton’s Laws in an expensive way.

But here’s the quote which caught my attention:

The issues haven’t affected other countries as badly because they don’t use the same 5G frequencies as the US. In Europe, for instance, the network operates on a wavelength that is less likely to cause interference. Both the EU’s Aviation Safety Authority and the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority say there’s no such problem with their networks. China and Australia have also rolled out 5G without any issues with aircraft…. Critics have also pointed the finger at the federal government. They’ve blamed the Trump administration for failing to create a national spectrum policy and the Biden administration for the chaotic rollout. Somehow, Europe’s collection of crappy governments has avoided such problems. [Emphasis added by the Beyond Search editor]

Interesting. Now European governments have a larger challenge to surmount. Vacationing in Kiyv perhaps?

Stephen E Arnold, January  21, 2022


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