Cloud Computing: Is There a Free Lunch Paid for by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft?

February 3, 2022

What have those cloud computing giants done for organizations lately? Here are some thought starters:

  1. Argued that it is better, faster, and cheaper to outsource anything involving computing to the fluffy clouds?
  2. Pushed for low code and no code solutions so that anyone can create applications and not get involved with expensive, unreliable, and uncooperative technical employees who don’t understand what an MBA or art history major needs now?
  3. Offered free or low cost entry fees which bedazzle the customer who is unable to see the telecommunications-style pricing methods like “cross a threshold and pay twice the cost stated on Schedule C, subparagraph 4”?
  4. A false narrative about ease of use, the reliability of pre-packaged data sets, and off-the-shelf components anyone can configure while waiting for a latte at a Starbuck’s in Normal, Illinois?

Enough questions. Read “More Than a Third of Firms Hit by Unexpected Cloud Costs.” Here’s a sentence from the write up which I found interesting:

Lack of transparency among providers is consistently cited as a problem.

Is this a nice way of saying, “These cloud people are doing the Theranos thing?”

Do you answer yes or no? Companies have difficulty hiring, retaining, and managing technology people. Costs for technology are often uncontrollable by traditional mechanisms crafted in less-illuminated times. Sales are easy because some organizations are believing what the cloud vendors say.

I am in the yes camp.

Stephen E Arnold, February 2, 2022


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