Google Cloud: A Marketing Challenge

March 15, 2022

I read a report which I think is assembled by a human or two working with smart software. What’s interesting is the observation about Google Cloud expressed in “Google-cloud Is About to Get More Expensive.” [Note: Links to content on Dailyhunt often result in 404s. There’s not much I can do about this run-and-gun news source, folks.]

I noted this passage:

At present, Google – and Google Cloud particularly – suffers from the perception that it will close down services randomly, despite the fact that its users rely upon them. Now, add to that the insight that it will arbitrarily raise its costs and its sales team will probably need to work overtime to satisfy the aggressive development objectives the company has surely set for itself.

There’s been some additional chatter about Google modifying the cloud storage deals for certain academic institutions.

Is this a PR challenge or clever management of the users who make the Google system hum like a well fed Googzilla?

Stephen E Arnold, March 15, 2022


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