Meta (Formerly Zuckbook) Chases Another Digital Ghost

May 5, 2022

High school science club thinking is alive and well as Meta (formerly Zuckbook). Here’s a flashback to the Information Industry Association meeting in Boston in 1081. A wizard of sorts (Marvin Weinberger maybe?) pointed out that artificial intelligence was just around the corner. The conference was not far from an MIT building, so his optimism may have had some vibes from the pre-Epstein era at that institution.

No one said anything. There were just chuckles.

Flash forward to 2022: Synthetic data, handwaving, unexplainable outputs, Teslas which get confused, YouTube ad placement, etc. The era of AI has arrived in its close-enough-for-horseshoes glory.

Meta AI Is Building AI That Processes Language Like the Human Brain” explains:

Meta AI announced a long-term research initiative to understand how the human brain processes language. In collaboration with neuroimaging center Neurospin (CEA) and INRIA, Meta AI is comparing how AI language models and the brain respond to the same spoken or written sentences.

Significant advancements based on “valuable insights” will allow the Zuckbook to offer services that process language like the humanoid brain.

And the progress? Well, MIT is not involved. Human brains at that institution apparently misunderstood Jeffrey Epstein. The Zuckbook will not make that mistake one hopes.

Neurospin? Niftier than plain old AI? Absolutely.

Stephen E Arnold, May 5, 2022


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