France and French: The Language of Diplomacy Says “Non, Non” to Gamer Lingo

May 31, 2022

I like France. Years ago I shipped my son to Paris to learn French. He learned other things. So, as a good daddy, I shipped him off to a language immersion school in Poitier. He learned other things. Logically, I responded as a good shepherd of my only son, I shipped him to Jarnac, to work for a cognac outfit. He learned other things. Finally, I shipped him to Montpellier. How was his French? Coming along I think.

He knew many slang terms.

Most of these were unknown to my wife (a French teacher) and me (a dolt from central Illinois). We bought a book of French slang, and it was useless. The French language zips right along: Words and phrases from French speaking Swiss people (mon dieu). Words and phrases from North Africans (what’s the term for head butt?). Words and phrases from the Middle East popular among certain fringe groups.

Over the decades, French has become Franglish. But the rock of Gibraltar (which should be a French rock, according to some French historians) is the Académie française e and its mission (a tiny snippet follows but there is a lot more at this link.

La mission confiée à l’Académie est claire : « La principale fonction de l’Académie sera de travailler, avec tout le soin et toute la diligence possibles, à donner des règles certaines à notre langue et à la rendre pure, éloquente et capable de traiter les arts et les sciences.»

Who cares? The French culture ministry (do we have one in the US other than Disneyland?)

France Bans English Gaming Tech Jargon in Push to Preserve Language Purity” explains:

Among several terms to be given official French alternatives were “cloud gaming”, which becomes “jeu video en nuage”, and “eSports”, which will now be translated as “jeu video de competition”. The ministry said experts had searched video game websites and magazines to see if French terms already existed. The overall idea, said the ministry, was to allow the population to communicate more easily.

Will those French “joueur-animateur en direct” abandon the word “streamer”?

Sure, and France will once again dominate Europe, parts of Africa, and the beaver-rich lands in North America. And Gibraltar? Sure, why not?

Stephen E Arnold, May 30, 2022


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