What Microsoft Wants: Identity System and Data for Good Purposes Of Course

June 28, 2022

Microsoft wants its new Verified ID program to move beyond social media platforms. According to Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. in the article, “Microsoft Wants Everything To Come With Its Verified Check Mark,” Microsoft wants Verified ID to validate more personal information and it is starting with verifying credentials.

Verified ID would allow people to get digital credentials that prove where they graduated, their jobs, where they bank, and if they are in good health. Microsoft says Verified ID would be good for people who need to quickly share their personal information, such as job applications. Verified ID uses blockchain-based decentralized identity standards. Microsoft plans to release its Entry Verified ID, its official name, in August. The name for Microsoft’s identity product line is Entra.

Ankur Patel is a Microsoft principal program manager for digital identity and he believes Entry Verified ID will be mainstream in three years:

“In the first year, it’s likely that Verified ID will be used by organizations in tandem with existing verification methods, both digital and analog, with a portion of their users, according to Patel. Wider adoption will depend, in part, on making sure that the service itself hasn’t “done harm,” he acknowledged.

One potential risk is that individuals might inadvertently share sensitive information with the wrong parties using the system, Patel said. ‘In the physical world, when you’re presenting these kinds of things, you’re careful — you don’t just give your birth certificate to anybody,’ he said. Microsoft is aiming to limit the issues in its own digital wallets with features meant to protect against this type of accidental exposure, Patel said.”

Microsoft wants to verify everyone’s information, but what about guaranteeing that its own products are real?

Whitney Grace, June 28, 2022


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