Indonesia: Good Actors and Bad Actors May Be Interested

June 30, 2022

I am not sure how the “new” visa described in “Indonesia Is Offering A Special Visa To Remote Workers, Allowing Them To Stay There For 5 Years Tax-Free, Including The Dream Destination, Bali.” The write up reports:

Freelancers and remote workers will soon be able to work tax-free in Indonesia, including the island of Bali, as the country’s tourism minister Sandiaga Uno announced the five-year ‘digital nomad visa’…

I did not know that Indonesia had a slogan; namely, “sun, sea and sand.” The proposed visa will shift the emphasis about 180 degrees to “serenity, spirituality and sustainability.” Got it? Sure.

The write up notes:

Living tax-free isn’t always a guarantee if you’re granted a digital nomad visa. For example, Americans will still have to file taxes if they’re granted one, because the US taxes citizens based on citizenship itself, rather than their residence.

The write up points out “there are snakes in Indonesia. If the visa plan becomes a reality, a few digital snakes may enliven daily life. Bad actors with a laptop may appear to be Silicon Valley wizards eager to avoid the rigors of work elsewhere. No Zooms when the surfs up.

Stephen E Arnold, June 30, 2022


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