The Fix for Addiction Is More Addiction. Does That Sound Like a Solipsism?

July 21, 2022

I read a remarkable article on the Internet. I believe everything I read on the Internet. What could go wrong with that? (Hang on because one more philosophical puzzle awaits.)

Samsung Says the Only Cure for Tech Dependency Is More Tech Dependency” caught my attention for two reasons.

First, the use of the word “only.” I like that type of categorical affirmative. It is just so positive in a world of intellectual gray. (Does Samsung make products tinted intellectual gray?)

Second, the solipsistic the fix for dependence is more dependence. Oh, yeah. That’s outstanding thinking.

The write up says:

You’re hooked on tech, and you wish you could stop. But wait, all you need is more tech, says Samsung — and its collaborator, Google.

Here’s another brilliantly sparkly gem:

Surely, though, we need a little more technology. Of course, we do.

This fentanyl-esque argument encapsulates the world view of the top quartile of the top one percent who work for Samsung and Google. Which is more representative of today’s technology environment? Samsung and Google teaming up to make tech the fix for everyone’s issues? The article about this outstanding idea? My pointing out the categorical affirmative and the solipsistic rhetoric? Blame me. Go on. It’s okay. I have a new high tech cable which neutralizes your criticism.

Stephen E Arnold, July 21, 2022


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