Microsoft Windows: Does Windows Rhyme with Woes?

July 29, 2022

Security? Weird interfaces? Fixes that terminate with extreme prejudice printers? Did I ask about security? Oh, yes, I did.

I thought about Windows, the apparently abandoned insiders, the cheerleaders, and the haters. Did I mention the pundits? Oh, yes, I did.

I read “Microsoft’s Windows OS Loses 17% of Its Market Share in the Last 10 Years.” If the write up is accurate, the Softies may have some work to do. Why not charge for extras like Notepad, following the lead of BMW and its subscription for heated seats? The MSFT variation might be for search results that match the user’s search statement?

The write up reports:

According to a data presentation, Windows has lost 17% of its market share in the last decade. The site has presented data showing that the OS’s market share has plunged from 90.96% in 2013 to the current 73.72%. That’s a drop of roughly 2% a year. Meanwhile, alternative OS’ have seen their cumulative stock rise in that period. StockApps’ financial expert Edith Reads has been analyzing the trends in that space. She says, “Windows’ stranglehold over the OS market is shrinking because of increased competition. Today, Microsoft is facing competition from developers of alternative OS’. They have developed software that’s appealing to some computer lovers because they’re open source, faster, safer, and simpler to use.”

Yep, Linux is trotted out. Plus there is the Chrome operating system which runs on Google’s browser, which is recycled by Microsoft! Yep, Microsoft is doing the Chrome thing. Internet Explorer died on a long, long journey. Now its is Chrome plus Edge or, as I prefer, Kredge.

What’s the fix? How can a dinobaby residing in rural Kentucky have an answer. When I did some menial work for a Softie-related outfit, no one knew what I was talking about. I remember when I mentioned Kolmogorov and my uncle Vladimir Arnold. I can see the blank faces in the audience now.

Net net: Do I have a suggestion? Heck no. I like MSFT just the way it is. It’s scrumptious. Bring on Windows 12, the second version after the “last” version of Windows was announced in 2015. Consistency? You kidding me?

Stephen E Arnold, July 29, 2022


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