Forget Data Vacuum Cleaners. Think Amazon Ads

August 18, 2022

I do not read on a regular basis the online publication called “Hustle.” I made an exception for the write up “Amazon’s Ad Biz Is Growing Faster Than Its Rivals.” The write up states:

What is surprising is that Amazon’s digital ad revenue grew 18% YoY to $8.76B in Q2 — more than analysts expected and outpacing Google and Facebook. In fact, Facebook’s revenue shrank for the first time ever by 1.5%.

The Hustle article adds an interesting factoid, which I assume is 100 percent rock solid:

Amazon also has a virtual product placement tool, meaning it can insert brands into its TV shows and movies in postproduction.

I noticed that the nifty chart with a towering growth bar for the Bezos bulldozer noted ad performance for a number of outfits. There was one, in my opinion, glaring omission: TikTok.

I wonder why.

Stephen E Arnold, August 18, 2022


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