Be an Information Warrior: Fun and Easy Too

September 16, 2022

I spotted an article in Politico. I won’t present the full title because the words in that title will trigger a range of smart software armed with stop words. Here’s the link if you want to access the source to which I shall refer.

I can paraphrase the title, however. Here’s my stab at avoiding digital tripwires: “Counter Propaganda Tailored to Neutralize Putin’s Propaganda.”

The idea is that a “community” has formed to pump out North Atlantic Fellas’ Organization weaponized and targeted information. The source article says:

NAFO “fellas,” as they prefer to be called, emblazon their Twitter accounts with the Shiba Inu avatar. They overlay the image on TikTok-style videos of Ukrainian troops set to dance music soundtracks. They pile onto Russian propaganda via coordinated social media attacks that rely on humor — it’s hard to take a badly-drawn dog meme seriously — to poke fun at the Kremlin and undermine its online messaging.

The idea is that NAFO is “weaponizing meme culture.” The icon for the informal group is Elon Musk’s favorite digital creature.

See related image detail

The image works well with a number of other images in my opinion. The source write up contains a number of examples.

My thought is that if one has relatives or friends in Russia, joining the NAFO outfit might have some knock on consequences.

From my point of view, once secret and little known information warfare methods are now like Elon Musk. Everywhere.

Stephen E Arnold, September 16, 2022


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