Hi, Mom, I Got a D in Math and Science This Term

November 8, 2022

I have never earned a D grade. In the cow town public high school, the grading system was simple: 93 to 100 = A, 83 to 93 = B, 70 to 82 = C, and 60 to 69 = D. Below 60, say “Hello” to an F, you loser you.

Almost 30% of People Redo or Refine Google Searches, Study Says” reports:

This 30% number comes from 9.7% of users who engaged in a “Google Click,” meaning they clicked on images or something in a carousel after making a query. For these people, they may have actually found what they were looking for. Another 17.9% of users made modifications to “Google Keyword,” or ways to modify their original query. This totals to 27.6%, which was then rounded up by SEMRush.

Should we “trust” the source and its math? Heck no. But the interesting point is that quite a few Google users find that Google search is in the D category.

With the surge of “close enough for horse shoes” and “good enough” thinking, the result is not particularly surprising. In my own experience, I now have to work harder than ever to obtain accurate, useful, relevant information. I routinely cycle through Mojeek, Swisscows, Yandex, and a number of other systems. For me, Google is in the D Minus or F category. The for fee alternatives are disappointing because the depth of their coverage is similar to a child’s plastic wading pool.

What’s this mean? Finding on point information is taking more time which translates into direct costs. That ad supported model is super, isn’t it? “D” does the job.

Stephen E Arnold, November 8, 2022


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