Sepana: A Web 3 Search System

November 8, 2022

Decentralized search is the most recent trend my team and I have been watching. We noted “Decentralized Search Startup Sepana Raises $10 Million.” The write up reports:

Sepana seeks to make web3 content such as DAOs and NFTs more discoverable through its search tooling.

What’s the technical angle? The article points out:

One way it’s doing this is via a forthcoming web3 search API that aims to enable any decentralized application (dapp) to integrate with its search infrastructure. It claims that millions of search queries on blockchains and dapps like Lens and Mirror are powered by its tooling.

With search vendors working overtime to close deals and keep stakeholders from emulating Vlad the Impaler, some vendors are making deals with extremely interesting companies. Here’s a question for you? “What company is Elastic’s new best friend?” Elasticsearch has been a favorite of many companies. However, Amazon nosed into the Elastic space. Furthermore, Amazon appears to be interested in creating a walled garden protected by a moat around its search technologies.

One area for innovation is the notion of avoiding centralization. Unfortunately online means that centralization becomes an emergent property. That’s one of my pesky Arnold’s Laws of Online. But why rain on the decentralized systems parade?

Sepana’s approach is interesting. You can get more information at Also you can check out Sepana’s social play at

Stephen E Arnold, November 8, 2022


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